HONDA March & Rally – 30th March 2019

I stand with Honda workers
Saturday 30th March 2019
11:00 am
Swindon Town Football Club, County Ground, SN1 2ED
Marching to
GWR Park, Faringdon Road
Swindon, SN1 5DJ
for a rally at 12:30 pm
  • Speakers include – Len McCluskey General Secretary; Paddy Brennan Honda Convenor; Steve Turner AGS Unite; Swindon Lord Mayor Junab Ali; Josh Kurma – singer and others
  • Enjoy Unite brass band Bangra dance group and other entertainment on the day ~ We are coming together to defend the Plant, Jobs & Community

The UK is in the grip of a manufacturing emergency that will accelerate, leaving tens of thousands of jobs hanging in the balance, unless the Honda plant in Swindon is saved.

Bristol trade unionists will be marching in Swindon – Please come and join us in supporting thousands of Honda car industry workers, their families and community – We are demanding Honda reverse this disgraceful proposal

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Celebrating International Women’s Day – 2019

International Women's Day

Bristol Trades Union Council celebrates International Women’s Day and sends greetings to sisters everywhere. We continue to place equality at the heart of our work.

There is much to do.

Analysis published by the TUC in the last few days, 6th March 2019, found that the average woman has to wait more than two months of the calendar year before she starts to get paid, compared to the average man.

In 2019 the gender pay gap for full-time and part-time employees stood at 17.9% meaning that women effectively work for free for the first 65 days of the year. In the South West the pay gap is even wider at 18.7%.

In a number of key industries – even in those dominated by female workers – gender pay gaps are even bigger:

  • In education the gender pay gap is currently 25.9%, so the average woman effectively works for free for more than a quarter of the year (95 days) and has to wait until the 4th April before she starts earning the same as the average man.
  • In information and communications, the average woman waits 77 days.
  • The longest wait comes in finance and insurance. There the gender pay gap is the equivalent of 130 days – more than a third of the year.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“It’s been more than 50 years since the Ford machinists went on strike at Dagenham, the UK still has one of the worst gender pay gaps in Europe. Women effectively work for free for two months a year.

“Companies publishing information on their gender pay gaps is a small step in the right direction but it’s nowhere near enough. Women in the UK will only start to get paid properly when we have better-paid part-time and flexible jobs. And higher wages in key sectors like social care.

“Workplaces that recognise unions are more likely to have family friendly policies and fair pay. So a good first step for women worried about their pay is to join a union.”

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Party on the Platform – Filton Abbey Wood Station

Filton Abbey Wood station

You are cordially invited to attend a FOSBR event to celebrate the completion of Filton Bank four tracking and what this means for the future of our network.

Friday 22nd Feb 2019
starting 11am
(and lasting 30 mins)
Filton Abbey Wood station
Filton Bank (from Dr Day’s Junction to Filton Abbey Wood) last had four tracks in 1984, at which time British Rail removed two to save money. Ten years ago many of us responded to a Network Rail consultation to urge that extra tracks be reinstated between Bristol Temple Meads and Bristol Parkway. In the following years FOSBR, MPs and other decision makers put pressure on Network Rail and the government. Some of you may remember a photo call on 17 May 2013 when FOSBR got many of the ‘great and good’ to pose on the newly installed Stapleton Road station footbridge – to urge funding support for the scheme.
Following work on the line during 2018, the Filton Bank tracks were re-opened. This is a game changer for it will allow extra services to run in the future and permit greater flexibility in both regional and local services.FOSBR particularly want to remember that this resulted from people coming together to campaign for rail, people from all political parties across the West of England, alongside those working within the rail industry – the unions, train operators and Network Rail. FOSBR want to say thank you to all those involved, celebrate the MetroWest rail projects and consider other potential local rail schemes.

A flyer for the event, including transport details, can be found at Party on the Platform
More details can be found on the FOSBR home page
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Protest to Save the Over 75 TV Licence

Save the Over TV Licence
Tuesday 12th February 2019
12 Noon
In 2015, the Government passed responsibility for the free TV licence for the over-75s to the BBC, and said they would cease to fund it from 2020. The BBC has launched a consultation process, which makes it clear that they do not wish to continue the current arrangement. The consultation ends on 12th February 2019.

We must fight this proposal to end the current arrangement, and ask for responsibility for this vital welfare benefit for over-75s to be taken back under government control.

We appeal to all ages: help us to make our voices heard!

Organised by Gloucestershire, Avon, Somerset Region

National Pensioners Convention

(NPC Standing up for  today’s and tomorrow’s pensioners)

Download the Gloucestershire, Avon, Somerset Region NPC flyer for this protest and tell friends and colleagues about this protest Flyer

Read the National Pensioners Convention briefing on the campaign NPC Campaign

Sign the Age UK petition here

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Keep Striking for higher pay

Friday, 1st February 2019
Assemble 6pm at
College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TJ

Deliveroo couriers in Bristol will be taking strike action over low pay, unpaid work and a change in their booking system.

The Bristol Couriers Network will be striking for a range of demands. In particular they’ll be striking for:

  • £5 per drop
  • Paid waiting times of £10/hr, 17p/minute
  • Extra distance payment £1/mile
  • Recruitment freeze

So far strikes in Bristol have won:

  • 5 weeks of higher boosts
  • A meeting with the head of Rider Operations
  • Support from Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees
  • An agreement from the Bristol Mayor that moped couriers would not be fined for the use of loading bays when picking up and delivering
  • No victimisation
  • Agreement from Deliveroo that they will: work on allowing customers to tip after delivery, allow couriers to immediately see the second order address, work with the council to stop moped couriers paying fines for use of loading bays.

Please join them. Bring noise, TU banners and plenty of solidarity!

More information about the dispute can be found at Bristol Couriers’ demands

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National Pensioners Convention
Friday 1st February 2019
11am – 3.15pm
Tony Benn House (Unite the Union)
Victoria St, Bristol, BS1 6AY

On National Dignity Day, the Gloucestershire, Avon & Somerset Region of the National Pensioners’ Convention invites you to a public meeting to consider what dignity means to young and old alike. The false economy of “austerity” has shattered self-esteem as well as destroying lives. To rebuild Broken Britain, we need to re-build confidence and demand that governments respond to our call for a fairer society.

More information about the day and how to book a place can be found in this flyer DIGNITY FOR THE MANY!

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