Black Friday protests at Amazon

100s of Amazon ambulance callouts

On Black Friday (29th November 2019), the GMB will be staging a protest at the Amazon Fulfilment centre – Bristol Avonmouth to highlight the anger at the ‘inhuman conditions’ people work under at the company’s warehouses.

Bristol TUC urges all affiliates to support the protest of which details can be obtained from the local GMB office in Old Market, Bristol

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An attack on democracy

I'm standing with my union

Bristol TUC takes the view that the recent decision (13th November 2019) at the Royal Court of Justice to stop Communication Workers Union members from striking is an attack on the entire trade union movement and must be resisted.

The Communication Workers Union balloted over 110,000 members who voted by over 97% in favour of strike action in a massive 76% turnout. The strike was to oppose the casualisation of the Royal Mail

Bristol TUC extends its support and solidarity to postal workers and their union the Communication Workers Union in what is now a battle for democracy itself.

A full statement by the CWU can be found by following this link CWU’s voice of defiance rings out around the country

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Bristol Radical History Festival – 2019

Saturday 12th October, 2019

Bristol Radical History Group (BRHG) and the Remembering the Real World War I Group (RRWWI) have organised a full programme of events during the third Bristol Radical History Festival. Expect talks, walks, films, singing, a performance space with a puppet show, storytelling and poetry, and an exhibition space, as well as stalls with books and merchandise from local and national groups.

The 2019 festival has two main themes:

1919: Year of Revolutions
Green History: from 18th Century roots to Extinction Rebellion

The organisers explain that the aftermath of the First World War was one of the most revolutionary moments in the Twentieth Century.

Bristol Radical History Festival - 2019 - Flyer

Full details of the programme can be found by clicking on this image.

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Trades Union Councils’ Programme of Work – 2019 -2020

The programme of work is developed by the TUC Joint Consultative Committee (TUCJCC)  each year based on the decisions made at the most recent Trades Union Councils conference.

The theme for 2019-2020 is  to Protect Jobs, Defend Living Standards and to stand up for equality and fair treatment at work for women, BME workers, LGBT workers, disabled workers and young workers. The programme sets out a positive vision of trade unions as we know them to be: a democratic force for fairness in the modern workplace. The Programme  highlights the role that trades union councils play in developing and promoting trades unions and in campaigning on the core values of the TUC and the trade union movement.

In it’s introductory statement to the Trades Union Councils’ Programme of Work for 2019-2020 the TUCJCC explains that

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Climate Action

Green Unions at work

Friday 20th September

Bristol TUC is supporting the lead being taken by school Students in Bristol to demand climate action in the Global Climate Strike.

At it’s July meeting Bristol TUC agreed to reinforce it’s campaigning against Climate Change. Trade unionists know the importance of standing up and taking action when change is necessary, we are supporting the fight against climate change to help protect the planet for our children and grandchildren.

Bristol TUC supports the July statement made by the TUC A just transition to a greener, fairer economy  and will be working with the TUC  in the trade union campaign  Climate crisis and a just transition as agreed by the September 2019 TUC Conference.

The Global Climate Strike will take place shortly before the UN emergency climate summit and is intended to build support for the ambitious agenda needed to tackle the climate crisis.

What you can do –
Restrictive trade union laws make it very difficult for workers to go on strike but union members can still be out and campaigning in their workplaces. Some employers will allow or encourage their workers to take part. Talk to your employer about allowing staff time to attend local rallies.

Support your local protest

  1. Ask your employer to declare a climate emergency.
  2. Ask your union to declare a climate emergency.
  3. Follow this with a programme of action.
  4. Arrange lunch-time events and activities such as open discussions over the climate emergency and what more can be done at your workplace.
  5. Survey your workplace about what they think can be done to cut carbon use.
  6. Volunteer to be a green rep or encourage others to do so.
  7. Sign up to the TUC training for being a green rep
  8. To show our government that workers everywhere want action now, take a photo on the day and share it with TUC Campaigns
  9. Get involved in your union’s climate actions

Cut fares, not staff

Cut fares, not staff

Wednesday 14th August 2019
08.00 – 09.00

Meet at Bristol Temple Meads Station – Temple Quay area to protest at over-priced train tickets.

Rail workers will be protesting at stations around the country on August 14th including Bristol Temple Meads. They will be warning that passengers are paying “more for less” because even as fares rise rail engineering work is being delayed or cancelled, skilled railway jobs are being lost and staff are being cut on trains, stations and ticket offices.

Get involved with RMT’s campaign here – Cut fares, not staff

Bristol says “Never Again”

Hiroshima never again

Friday 9th August 2019 – 17:00
The Peace Grove
Castle Park

Gather at the Japanese White Cherry tree that CND planted to mark the 70th anniversary of the bombings in 2015.
There will be invited speakers and a statement from the Mayor of Hiroshima will be read out.
Bristol’s Red Notes Choir will be singing at about 18.00.
Please bring along anything appropriate that you would like to read aloud.

CND symbol

This event has been organised by Bristol CND.

This will be Bristol’s main act of remembrance, but there will also be a brief quiet vigil at the cherry tree in Castle Park on Tuesday 6th August at 17.00, Hiroshima Day.

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