Usdaw takes on Lidl at Avonmouth

Usdaw campaigning at Lidl

Bristol Trades Union Council sends solidarity greetings to Usdaw members campaigning at Lidl’s Avonmouth Distribution Centre to win union recognition.

Mike Walker – Usdaw’s Deputy Divisional Officer for South West England says: “We are taking our successful campaigning to the new Lidl Regional Distribution Centre in Avonmouth, engaging with staff about the problems they face at work and their concerns about not being able to get them resolved without trade union representation. Some staff at Avonmouth are transferring from the site at Weston-super-Mare, so Usdaw is providing advice and support to our members through that transition.

Details of the action can be found by following this link Usdaw campaigning at Lidl

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Greenfield Organising

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“Greenfield Organising”

Speaker: Nick Ireland
USDAW Divisional Officer

Meeting the organising challenge in the 21st century workplace through Rep Development

Wednesday 25 November 2015 at 7.30 pm

Tony Benn House, Victoria Street, Bristol BS1 6AY
Open to Bristol Trades Council delegates and all accredited USDAW reps in the Bristol area