Safe Reopening of Schools Day of Action – Bristol

Friday, 21 August 2020
from 11:30-12:30
Wine Street, Bristol, BS1 2

Bristol Trades Union Council is calling for all to support this action.

All education workers want schools to reopen and say the best place children can be is back in school, learning, playing and socialising with their friends.

However, Britain is still in the midst of a global pandemic and the availability of vaccine for everyone is still out of sight for now. This means that all are still at risk of a deadly virus. It is still the clinically vulnerable staff, students, parents, grandparents, carers and members of our community who we most at risk to the virus.

As all in education go back to school we need to ensure our schools are safe. This means demanding amongst other things:
– weekly testing for all staff and any students whose parents wish to be tested
– continued shielding for any clinically vulnerable staff or anyone who lives with a clinically vulnerable person
– PPE for all cleaners in schools
– the availability to self-isolate on full-pay

More information on Facebook: Safe Reopening of Schools Day of Action – Bristol

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No back to school – until it’s safe

Bristol Trades Union Council is calling for all to support this meeting.

Early in April the National Education Union (NEU) outlined their five tests that the Government should meet before widening the opening of schools. Unlike the Governments current strategy the meeting of the NEU’s tests would create the necessary confidence amongst parents and staff that schools are being opened in a way that is safe and doesn’t endanger educators, school children, workers and the NHS.

The NEU five tests are –

Test 1 : Much lower numbers of Covid-19 cases
Test 2 : A national plan for social distancing
Test 3 : Testing, testing, testing!
Test 4 : Whole school strategy
Test 5 : Protection for the vulnerable

Details about the NEU five tests can be found at NEU five tests for Government before schools can re-open

Further details of the meeting and how to join the meeting can be found on this Facebook event page No back to school – until its safe

The meeting is hosted by Bristol Corona Crisis – People Before Profit Network, Bristol NEU and South Glos. Young Educator Network.

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Safe reopening of schools

The infection rate in the UK is creeping back up and is close to the point where the coronavirus could again start spreading rapidly.

The coronavirus “R-number” is now between 0.7 and 1.0, we have been told repeatedly over the last few weeks that it needs to be kept below one in order to stay in control of the virus and protect people’s lives and the NHS.

We still don’t know the effect of the changes to lockdown recently announced by the government.

The government hasn’t revealed it’s models on how many black and Asian staff are likely to die as a result of the lifting of the Covid-19 lockdown.

With all these unknowns the government is insisting that schools re-open for certain cohorts in just over two weeks time.

During their discussions with the government the unions working in education have put forward proposals that will reopen schools is a way that is safe for children, staff, their families and the wider community. The unions have backed up these discussions by issuing a joint statement on the safe reopening of schools.

Bristol Trades Union Council expresses its full support for this statement and expresses it’s solidarity with the nine unions involved.

The BMA has also thrown it’s weight behind the unions when it said that “the number of coronavirus infections remained too high to allow them [schools] to run safely”.

Bristol Trades Union Council says schools should open but only when it is safe to do so. No worker should have to work in unsafe conditions. We urge all workers to join a union to protect their health, safety and conditions.

The statement released by the unions can be found here Education unions’ statement on the safe reopening of schools

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Asbestos In Schools

Thursday 26th April 2018, 16.30am
The Fountains, Bristol

A few days before Workers Memorial Day the National Education Union (NUT Section) will be leafleting parents warning of the dangers of Asbestos in Bristol’s Schools. Come and join them to spread the message.

  • Asbestos remains a killer in schools and there is simply no evidence to support the Government’s case that it is safer to manage asbestos than to remove it.  Removal must take place under strictly controlled conditions and is highly regulated.  It is misleading and scaremongering to suggest that removal might be unsafe.
  • At least 319 teachers have died from mesothelioma since 1980, and 205 of these deaths have occurred since 2001. The real numbers are likely to be much higher because these figures do not include anyone over the age of 75.
  • Teachers are now dying from mesothelioma at an average of 17 per year, up from three per year during 1980-85.

NEU logo
This event is organised by Bristol National Education Union (NUT Section)

March Against School Budget Cuts

March Against School Cuts

Saturday 20th May 2017, 11.00am
College Green, Bristol

Schools across the region are being hit hard by government funding cuts. Schools are being forced to make often drastic reductions in the number of school support staff. The majority affected are learning support staff so the impact will be felt directly in the classroom by pupils and teachers leading to larger class sizes, less support for children, particularly those with special needs, and reduced subject choices.

Bristol Trades Union Council urges all trade union members to support this march. School staff, parents and pupils are building a campaign across the country. On the day of the march in Bristol there will be similar demonstrations in London and many other cities and towns. The march is supported by South Gloucestershire and Bristol Fair funding for all schools who have been organising a growing mass campaign by parents.

NUT logo
This event is organised by South West National Union of Teachers

A leaflet advertising the march can be downloaded from Bristol March Against School Budget Cuts


Stress the killer in our schools

International Workers' Memorial Day 2017

Stress The Killer In Our Schools

Friday 28th April 2017, 5.00pm
outside Primark, Broadmead.

To highlight how stress affects teachers, and pupils a
10 minute theatre piece will be performed, twice,
and the leaflet Stress The Killer In Our Schools will be
handed out to passers by.

 Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living!

NUT logo
This event is organised by
Bristol National Union of Teachers