PCS payday protest

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Bristol Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) members will taking part in a nationwide day of pay protests on

Friday 31 March 2017, 1:00pm
In Bristol the protest will focused on the government offices at
2 The Square, Temple Quay, BS1 6HA

Bristol Trades Union Council will be supporting the protest and is asking all affiliated unions to join with us in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in PCS  who will be sending a powerful message to government that they need and deserve a decent pay rise.

More information about the protest can be found here 31 March: join the PCS payday protest

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Big Pit Museum Strikers Coming to Bristol

Wednesday 18th May – 18:30
Shakespeare Tavern, 68 Princes Street, Bristol BS1 4QD

Big Pit Museum alongside all national Museum’s in Wales are on all out strike against attacks on their pay connected to their weekend rates. Big Pit was set up following the destruction of the mining industry after the Miners Strike in 1984. Miners who were on strike for over a year have not lost the spirit and are back on all out strike with their colleagues from all over Wales. Please come and meet these strikers who need our support and solidarity.

More details of the meeting can be found at Big Pit Museum Strikers Coming to Bristol

A briefing about the PCS strike action across all Museums in Wales can be found at PCS steps up strike action in response to Museum bosses intransigence

Union-busting at the heart of government

The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) have launched a campaign to oppose government union-busting –

Conservative ministers have launched a campaign of union-busting at the very heart of government. Their actions show how the Tories will attack union rights across the whole public sector if they form a government after the election. But their actions also give the green light to employers to go on the offensive against unions across the UK.

Our movement represents millions of voters, their families and communities. We all need strong unions and need to put our rights at the centre of the 2015 general election.

Bristol Trades Union Council ( Bristol TUC ) is encouraging all Trade Unions across Bristol to support the PCS campaign – write to your MP and ask them to commit to support trade union rights under this and the next government. More information can be found here Union busting at the heart of government

The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) have a number of other campaigns that they encourage their members to get involved with. Why not take a look PCS campaigns