Fighting back in the low wage economy!

People’s Forum

Organised by Bristol People’s Assembly

Fighting Back

TUESDAY 16 October 7pm
TSSA, Newminster House,
29 Baldwin St, BS1 1LT

Speakers include:

📢 Lauren Townsend, TGI Fridays worker & Oct 4 strike leader (Unite)
📢 Paul Shanks, striking Deliveroo rider (couriers network)
📢 Susan Newman, political economist and anti-austerity activist
📢 Rob Wotherspoon, Communication Workers Union Bristol branch secretary

The last year has seen a series of successful and news-grabbing strikes and protest campaigns by groups of workers ranging from social care workers, fast food workers, university cleaners, Uber drivers and delivery workers.

On Oct 4th workers at McDonalds, TGI Fridays, UberEats and JD Wetherspoon workers went on strike for a living wage in over a dozen workplaces and eight cities across the country, including Bristol, for the Fast Food Shutdown!

All were highlighting issues of poverty pay, precarious contracts, insecure working and lack of union recognition.

Bristol People’s Assembly has invited workers from these sectors to talk about their experiences and where they’re planning to take their campaigns next.

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Well done Fast Food Shutdown

Well done Fast Food Shutdown

Bristol Trades Union Council congratulates Bristol’s Food Delivery Couriers for their successful strike on 4th October 2018 with hundreds rallying outside Bristol’s premier McDonalds outlet in Broadmead.

Flags and banners were flown including those from Unite, PCS, the IWW and a number of hand made banners and posters calling for a minimum of £5 per drop.

Protest songs were sung and messages of solidarity were listened to including one from an executive member of Bristol Trades Union Council.

RMT members sang “I’d rather be a picket than a scab” whilst strikers remonstrated with those still working.

After the rally there was a “motorcade” around the city centre led by couriers on their mopeds, followed by more couriers on bicycles and in the rear their supporters walking at a fairly brisk pace to keep up.


And the photos are below

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Hungry For Justice – The McDonalds campaign

Hungry For Justice

A ‘Heart Unions’ Campaign
Monday, 12th February 2018, 11am – 2pm
101 Horsefair, Bristol, BS1 3JR

Bristol Trades Union Council will be joining the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers’ Union (BFAWU)  in this leafleting campaign outside McDonalds premier Bristol store.

BFAWU logo Trades Union Council logo

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