Key Workers’ Summit – Thursday 22 July


  • Are you a Key Worker who was heralded last year with claps and praised in speeches?
  • Are you now facing low pay, few rights, insecure hours – or even redundancy?
  • Come and join the Key Workers’ Summit in the South West!

This is the fourth online meeting organised by trades union councils across the South West. It’s a chance for Key Workers to share the issues they face at work and ways to tackle them.
All Key Workers welcome – from health, care, retail, education, hospitality and food production.

Join us to start organising across workplaces and fight back!

Key Workers’ Summit
Thursday 22 July at 7.00 on Zoom

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Public meeting: Young Workers and Trade Unions

Get ahead at work > Join a Union

Hannah David PCS
Jo Galazka Unite

7.30pm on Wednesday 30th November 2016

Tony Benn House, Victoria Street, Bristol, BS1 6AY

All welcome.

A leaflet about our meeting is here

Young Workers and Trade Unions

What is Young Workers Month?

Held in November every year, TUC Young Workers Month aims to promote trade unions to young workers and highlight the issues faced by young workers.
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