Support GMB Bristol Water strike

75% of GMB members have voted to strike and will be striking next Tuesday 6th April as Bristol Water has imposed a pay freeze for 2020/21 and no increase to their pension contributions, despite essential workers working throughout the pandemic putting their health and that of their families at risk.

The GMB members’ pay has been eroded over several years and has not kept pace with the cost of inflation. Last week, Bristol Water presented an underwhelming offer for 21/22 which has been rejected by members. Despite GMB attempting to reopen talks to avoid strike action, there has been no counteroffer from the company.

Bristol Water awarded the second worst pay out for England and Wales’ Water authorities in 2019 (which we had to fight to get) and the 2020 pay deal means they remain bottom of the league for company pension contributions. Meanwhile, Mel Karam, CEO, has received a 2020/2021 bonus of £300,000 on top of his £240,000 annual salary. We have challenged him on this as well as his conduct at meetings, and his only response has been to remove himself from talks with GMB.

The GMB sees this offer as an insult to their hard-working members who deserve much, much better. The GMB members are skilled and dedicated workers who take great pride in delivering safe, clean water to 1.2 million people. In return, they ask to be paid fairly and valued by the company.

The GMB members would be grateful for messages of support.

If anyone wishes to come and support the (Covid-safe) picket line on the day, then pickets will be there Tuesday 6th April 7.30-11am (Head Office, Bridgwater Road, Bristol, BS13 7AT).

For further information: Bristol Water workers set to strike over pay freeze

Black Friday protests at Amazon

100s of Amazon ambulance callouts

On Black Friday (29th November 2019), the GMB will be staging a protest at the Amazon Fulfilment centre – Bristol Avonmouth to highlight the anger at the ‘inhuman conditions’ people work under at the company’s warehouses.

Bristol TUC urges all affiliates to support the protest of which details can be obtained from the local GMB office in Old Market, Bristol

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Congratulations to GMB in victory over Uber

GMB versus Uber
Bristol Trades Union Council (BTUC) congratulates GMB on achieving a landmark Court of Appeal ruling that established that Uber drivers are “workers” and not self-employed drivers.

In congratulating the GMB TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said the ruling should serve as a warning to other gig economy employers.

“If you play fast and loose with workers’ rights, unions will expose you and hold you to account,” she added.

BTUC says if you’re using an Uber taxi in Bristol this Christmas, New Year and beyond make sure the driver knows about the ruling and ask them to join the GMB if they’re not already a member.

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Bristol City Council Redundancies

Bristol Trades Union Council is horrified at the announcement by Bristol City Council that it plans to sack 1000 of it’s workforce by the end of September 2016. The announcement has come without regard on how this will impact the lives of those losing their jobs or to the services that these trade union members provide.

Andy Roberston, Secretary of Bristol Trades Union Council, in responding to this bombshell from Bristol City Council said

The Government is to blame for this. The Conservative Government only appears to be interested in rich high-profile people who avoid paying their taxes, dip their hands into our pension funds or speculate with our savings, and when it all goes wrong the Government bails them out to the tune of billions of pounds with the taxes paid by workers and to the detriment of the services that working people are entitled to have provided by the Government and local councils.

Bristol Trades Union Council will stand shoulder to shoulder with the trade union members at Bristol City Council to ensure the City Mayor and Council members implement the four-point plan proposed by the trade unions at Bristol City Council.

UNISON, UNITE the UNION, GMB have issued a joint press statement which can be found here Swingeing government cuts will decimate council services in Bristol, say unions