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At it’s meeting on 18th December 2019 Bristol Trades Union Council agreed the following resolution –

We are truly devastated by the general election result, and devastated that we didn’t win the Labour Government that Bristol so desperately needs. We know that a Tory government will mean more pain for working people – with jobs, rights and public services under threat.

Whilst we are heartbroken about the result, we are also incredibly proud of the role that trade unionists played in the election, as Labour campaigners in our workplaces and communities.

This is a moment that requires us to draw on all of our reserves of strength and stand in solidarity with one another. We now need to step up and be ready to defend our communities, defend our jobs, workplaces and public services, and defend our unions and rights at work.

We will continue the fight to ban zero-hours contracts and take on the big corporations that pay poverty wages.

We will continue the fight for council housing for all who want it, a transport system that allows us to get to work and play at reasonable cost and for an environment that doesn’t poison us.

As ever, trade unions will be a vital line of defence against the impact of a Tory Government. At this moment we cannot say it loudly enough – if you’re not a member of a trade union join one and do everything you can to get colleagues and friends to join one too. Above all and whatever you do participate in the activities of your trade union.

History can also provide some solace in moments like this. The labour movement has suffered big defeats in the past and we have always come back, rebuilt our strength and fought another day.

In solidarity,
Bristol Trades Union Council

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Housing crisis

As property experts Zoopla declared Bristol as the second most expensive area to buy a property in the UK, Bristol Trades Union Council were out in the pouring rain on 15th December 2018 to raise awareness about the areas housing crisis and campaigning for secure and affordable housing for everyone.

Bristol TUC said that Bristol and South Gloucestershire are expensive places to live with typical house prices more than 10 times the average salary with high rents in the rental sector.

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Bristol’s Housing Crisis

Homes for all

Bristol Trades Union Council will be in Bedminster to raise awareness about Bristol’s housing crisis and campaigning for secure and affordable housing for everyone. We’re pushing to stop rogue landlords ripping-off desperate renters and for housing prices to be affordable, so people can choose what type of home they’d like for their family, as well as choosing where to settle.

East Street, Bedminster

( close to British Heart Foundation )

Sat. 15th Dec. 2018
10:30 – 13:00

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Bristol’s Housing Crisis

A Bristol Trades Union Council
Public meeting:
Wednesday 27th April 2016, 7.00pm

Tony Benn House, Victoria Street, Bristol, BS1 6AY

Paul Smith – Bristol Labour Party
Helen Jacks – Unite
Nick Ballard – Acorn
tbc – Shelter

Meeting organised by Bristol Trades Union Council Trades Union Councils' emblem

  • Build more council houses
  • Secure tenancies
  • Rent controls
  • Immediate action on homelessness
Homes For All
Escaping the Housing Crisis: Setting a New Vision

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